Sending a special thanks out to Jeff Neiman. So far i’ve had one lesson as a student in Jeff’s master class. Definitely looking forward to many more. Jeff’s class will help open my head and ears up to different ways of approaching music and music theory. Definitely ready to learn more.
Thanks, Jeff!!!


Jeff… what a humbling experience!!!
I truly am grateful for all I learned and just for how much FUN I had! I appreciate all the encouraging words from musicians I truly admire.
Here’s to next time!!!
Kirk Whalum
MASTER CLASS Michelle Johnson

Hi Jeffrey,
“I will continue to post more info about what makes me grow, in hopes that it inspires you too. I just had an AMAZING Master Class with Jeffrey Neiman and I cannot rave about it enough. Singers …. invest in yourselves! I promise you this is SO worth it.You will learn so much … it is indescribable!
Michelle Johnson


Hey Jeff! Man it was fun! And what an honor to work with such seasoned greatness as yourself! You rock dude! Can’t wait to do it again!
All the best my friend!
Mark Kibble TAKE 6


Hi Jeffrey,
The show with the Palm Beach Symphony was great! Your charts,arrangements and playing I have rarely seen.Really made Clint’s show very special…looking forward to working with you soon!
All my best, Larry Rosen GRP RECORDS

from the Crystal Serenity Cruise ERIC STRONG

Hey Jeff,
Hope you and Julie got home safe! It was a privilege to see you perform, and I am very grateful for your help with the ending of that Buble chart I have been working on. I do want to make sure that you understand how profound an experience it was for me to do Funny Valentine with you that day. No one has ever encouraged me to just approach a song that way before. It was like an acting exercise, but with the added dimension of how vulnerable singing makes you emotionally. I have experienced depths of emotion like that in a scene before, but always avoided it while singing for technique sake. It was extremely gratifying to just let my voice amplify and reveal a stronger emotional reaction to the obstacle that we spoke of, within the context of the words of the song. I want to thank you for that day.
Best to You and Julie,
Eric Strong

Still processing it all, and will be for a while…but my entire being is vibrating from today’s experience. Something shifted in me, and I will try not to be too impatient in awaiting the manifest, because I feel that it is going to be significant. There is no turning back.

Thank. You.
— shana t.


MASTER CLASS Cynthia Abney

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for today. A truly wonderful experience that I can’t stop thinking about.
As you promised, it was an awesome experience. Gave me lots to think about, and a lot to work on.
From your house, I headed to rehearsal and have never felt so free singing. So glad to realize there is no box!

I will be doing my homework as instructed, I was going through lyrics this morning in a whole new way.
I will see your show on Saturday, and hope that you think I show enough promise and determination to have me back. I can think of nothing better than working with you.

Cynthia Abney


Karen Merstik-Michaels

I just worked with one of the most talented musical director/pianist/genius’ in Las Vegas! Jeffrey Neiman is the real deal and if you want to up the ante on your playing and in your performing, I highly recommend taking the time to work with him. Already I feel like the things we worked on has opened my mind to possibilities I’ve never tho’t of. Go, people, go!